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About Us

Breckenridge Candle Company, LLC was established in 2018, and we're a small handmade business that is based in Reynoldsburg, OH. We love to make candles while enjoying the amazing smell. We first started making candles as a hobby in our kitchen, and then decided to turn our hobby into a small business. As our business grew we ventured into making other natural handmade products.

Breckenridge Candle Company, LLC has also incorporated a second brand called Seanastics, which is geared towards Gymnastics. Our Seanastics brand was created by our 13 year old daughter in 2020, whom competes as a gymnast at a level 6.

A message from Seantaya (Owner of Seanastics),

"Hello everyone my name is Seantaya and I have dreams of attending UCLA for college as a gymnast and major in Art & Design. I am 13 years old and I couldn't find other ways to earn money since I am not old enough to work a job, so I presented Seanastics to my parents and they supported me 100%. I got the name Seanastics from a portion of my name "Sean" and a portion of gymnastics "Nastics." I hope you all will follow and support me as well, as I slowly build my brand and work hard to provide you all with superb handmade products and excellent service. I want to go on and thank you all for your support."